This is a list of games I have made

Speedhack/TINS Games

The following games were made for Speedhack or TINS

Spam Banana
You went crazy with the spam you got, you move to an island, and somehow the spam follows you. You'll see a new use for bananas in this game.
Stealin' Gold
You're an evil king, and you want all the gold in your kingdom to buy something. Don't let them peons tell you otherwise!
Lovely <3 Red
You're a dude whose red room is being invaded by green slimes.
Space Dragon Escape
You're a space dragon trying to escape space knight.
Chip Farm
Meant to be a pet simulator type thing... You're raising a computer chip...
Haiku Rescue
You're colleting haikus.

ChristmasHack Games

The following games were made for ChristmasHack (site no longer exists)

Present Sweeper
Someone rigged Santa's Workshop to blow. The only way to disfuse the trap is to play an oversized mine sweeper type game. (Made with XNA 2.0)