Stealin' Gold

This is my SpeedHack 2007 game. In this game, you control an evil king in which you kill your peons in your courtyard and steal their gold. I don't know why I dropped the 'g' from the title though.

Note: I managed to hide two easter eggs in this game. See if you can spot them (don't need to look at code to spot them either)

SpeedHack Rules

The rules that I had to follow that effected how this game was made is as follow:

  • Evilness: You're killing your peons and stealing their gold.
  • Radius of Influence: Too far from a peon, he'll just sit there, when close enough, he'll run to you, and slows down as he gets closer to you.
  • Get a Grip: There's ice and sand in the courtyard that you're doing battle in. Possible bug in logic appears to cause peons to move really slow however.
  • Ratio, Respect!: Full screen, wide screen, the game don't care, it will adjust. (Oddly enough, this was taken into account before the rules were released)
  • Reverse Stereotypes: Kings normally don't mass kill their subjects. It's possible that he's crazy.
  • Dialogue: The king and some peons talk before you start. The choice of item the king wants to buy affects the number of peons you need to kill.



  • Windows Binary
  • Source (OpenLayer, AllegroGL, Allegro, libpng, zlib, and freetype are needed to compile)