Lovely <3 Red

This is my SpeedHack 2011 game. In this game, you control a dude who has a red room, and green slimes have appeared and are changing the room color. You must take your spray gun, and scare them away.

SpeedHack Rules

The rules that I had to follow that effected how this game was made is as follow:

  • E for Everyone: You're not killing the slime balls.
  • Random Playing: Slime balls appear randomly. Slime balls randomly drop paint for you to grab. Sometimes you have to grab your sprayer.
  • Laziness: If you run out of ammo, but there's slimes around, a random drop of paint will appear. If you remove slimes too fast (as in you're being too good), more slimes are added. If you remove slimes too slowly, a slime is removed.
  • Brainwashing Propaganda: Read the red floor tiles, if you can.
  • Color Symbolism: Red good, green bad! Slimes are trying to turn your lovely red room green.


  • Screen 1
  • Screen 2
  • Screen 3 (Note: This was a early production snapshot, and a feature that should be shown is not shown)