Haiku Resuce

This is my TINS 2016 game.

You been tasked with delivering slips of paper with haiku written on them. During your travels, someone rips them up and throws them into a field. You must go through the magically changing field and collect the missing pieces. To beat a level, you must combine the pieces of paper. 4 levels in all.

SpeedHackTINS Rules

The rules that I had to follow that effected how this game was made is as follow:

  • Craftsmanship: The game is centered around crafting items out of components. The pieces of paper you collect will make up haikus. Once you collect all the pieces, you get to read a haiku
  • Include dialog in poetic form (rhymed couplets, limerick, haiku) as much as you can: You are creating haikus
  • Include snow: Snow is falling. Each level has more snow on the ground than the previous level.
  • path finding: When you click somewhere, the character will attempt to move left or right to get to the spot. When he gets there or block, moves up and down instead If he was blocked, he'll move left or right again once cleared. He not smart enough to do more than that however.
  • use unicode to display non-english characters (e.g. russian, japanese): The haikus are written in Japanese You get a translation at underneath however. (Font is a bit iffy)
  • Act of Formaldehyde: you can opt out of a rule if instead you decide to follow three other rules from a previous Speedhack/TINS. The rules page containing those rules should still be up for all to see:
    • Particle rule from SH2015
    • Ratio friendly rule from SH 2007 (Every TINS and SH I made used this since however ;) )
    • No third rule knowly used, so can't use this.