Chip Farm

This is my Speed Hack 2015 game.

Raise computer chips! Once you get the chip to be fast enough and all fed and healthy, you'll get a new chip. Try to get as many chips as possible!

SpeedHack Rules

The rules that I had to follow that effected how this game was made is as follow:

  • Seedlings: You're in charge of a chip at a chip nursery, raise the chip to be good chip for computers
  • Text Interactivity: Conversations will come up at certain points. The buttons at the bottom may give different responds. If you see the empty dialog message more than once, you seen everything (aside from win lose stuff)
  • Particle Madness: It happens at certain points.
  • Sound Annoyance: When the chip is feeling unwell, it will start to cry. (Sorry/not sorry for adding this rule to the rule-o-matic BTW)
  • Physical Criminality: There's some iron or steel that your chip can bounce on.